Answers are at the heart of how your GeckoBot performs. It's here that you'll define the personality of your Bot and shape the behaviours it'll exhibit when communicating with students. 

To start building your library of answers, and the questions that should trigger them, head to Bots > Answers.

The Answers tab will give you an overview of the answers you've created when they were last invoked, their total usage, and overall success rate. Clicking any of these headers will sort your answers by A-Z. 

It's also worth noting that can use the action button on the right to delete any answers you no longer require. 

New answers can be created either by Importing your answer from a .CSV file or by clicking the Create Answer button.

First, set an Answer title. This will never be visible to students but will help you identify this answer. From here, we must tell the GeckoBot which questions or phrases should trigger your answer.

Building your Question bank

The Ask a question field allows you to give your Bot an idea as to the types of questions or phrases you'd like students to give in order to trigger your answer. 

We highly recommend asking 10 (or more) variants on your question to maximise the chances of your Bot being able to answer the student's question swiftly. With every question added, you'll see your GeckoBot's training level rise.

But why is it important to add so many questions?

Let's illustrate this with an example. Imagine that we want to train our GeckoBot to assist students who are asking for information on bus routes to your institution. As HE institutes are melting pots of different nationalities, languages and cultures, it's reasonable to assume that no two students will ask the GeckoBot for this information in the same way. As such, it's important that we accommodate a range of variations on a theme:

Any of the entries in the Question bank can be edited or deleted by clicking the appropriate icons to the far right of each question. 

Once your questions are ready, it's time to teach your GeckoBot how to respond.

Adding your new answer

There are two ways for your Bot to respond to incoming questions: with a Message or a Skill

Choosing to respond with a Message allows you to compose one or multiple messages to be sent sequentially to the student. These messages support template tags which can be used to reference any information you hold in custom fields

Opting to respond to an incoming question with a Skill gives you a high degree of flexibility on how to proceed. There are a number of skills at your disposal:

Any Skills you've created in the Bot > Skills area can be added to the Choose an existing skill dropdown. Skills can also be created in-line by clicking the create new skill link. 

Once you're happy with your answer and questions, be sure to click the Save answer button. 

All that's standing between your GeckoBot and using your newly created answer is to Train it!

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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