The Data capture skill lets you take advantage of your GeckoBot's inquisitive nature and save the information it collects from students in any custom field set up on your GeckoChat account. 

Navigate to Bots > Skills and click the +Create skill option in the top-right corner. Now click the data capture card.

Begin by giving your skill a title to differentiate it from any others.

Now let's set a Confirm message. When a student is locked into a Data capture skill cycle, they will be unable to ask the bot anything else until the skill is completed. As such, the Confirm message gives you the chance to set expectations for what the outcome will be, as well as notifying the student of the rules of engagement. 

GeckoBot will offer the student a yes / no option to continue after your message displays: 

Having set our initial message, let's now move onto the Exit message. As the name suggests, this is the final message in the skill cycle which we'd use to let the student know that the skill is complete: 

Capturing the data

Now that we've got a broad outline of how our skill is going to flow, it's time to choose what information we'd like our GeckoBot to capture. 

Set the custom fields you'd like your bot to update in the Choose which fields to ask for question. Click here to create new fields as you see fit. 

You'll notice that, for each new custom field you ask the GeckoBot to collect, the corresponding field will appear as a new card in the Configure fields area.

It's here that you're able to set the wording of each question. Note that each message allows for use of template tags. 

Once you're happy with the data you're capturing, as well as the phrasing of how each bit of information is collected, be sure to hit Save skill. Now created, all that's left to do is to start using your skill as an Answer

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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