Practise, it is said, makes perfect. Fortunately, training your GeckoBot is incredibly easy to do. Just click the Retrain bot button beneath your Bot's avatar on the left of the screen.

Training serves two main purposes: 

  1.  It allows your bot to learn any new answers or skills that you've taught it.

  2. It allows you to correct any misunderstood questions or phrases.  

To begin, navigate to Bots and click the Train tab.  

How to train your GeckoBot

You can train your GeckBot from anywhere in the Bot area of GeckoChat. On the left side of the screen you'll see an overview card consisting of your Bot's avatar, name, training wheel & overall confidence level. 

To train your Bot, simply click the training wheel or the Retrain Bot option. You'll know training is required when you see this: 

Your training wheel will take on this appearance whenever a new answer is added, or any unknown answers are resolved. 

Simply put, training allows your GeckoBot to make full use of the most up-to-date information you've given it.

Managing your unknown answers

To borrow some more adages; preparation is key, but there's no substitute for the real thing. 

No matter how many questions you train your Bot on, there will inevitably be questions phrased in ways you didn't anticipate and enquiries you didn't expect.

Fortunately, the Unknown answers table, located on the Train tab, neatly displays any messages your Bot struggled with and allows you to further hone your Bot's abilities. 

The table will outline key information such as the content of the message that was missed, the date/ time it was received and give you a visual representation of how confident the Bot felt at responding to the message. The chat icon to the left of the message lets you review the entire conversation leading up to the unknown answer, giving you the context as to how this message came about. 

Messages your Bot was 0% confident of responding to will have been met with an apology and an admission of ignorance, whereas messages with 60%+ confidence may have been answered outright, or had the Bot suggest the closest match it could find in its memory bank.

These behaviours can be reinforced or dismissed in the resolve section of the table. You have two options: 

  • Green tick: create or choose an existing answer that instructs your Bot on how to respond to future messages with this content. 

  • Red cross: dismiss this message. Removes this entry from your unknown answers table with no further action.

Don't panic if you accidentally assign an unknown answer to the wrong answer. Just head to the answer in question and choose to remove the message from the question bank. 

Be sure to click the Retrain bot button whenever you resolve unknown answers with the green tick to ensure your bot is fully up-to-date.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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