UPDATE: After our initial rollout on the 24th of April, we have discovered the following issues: 

  • Some users on the EE network in the UK were unable to log into the system using their mobile network. 

  • Additionally, we had a few reports of the mobile app freezing on some older mobile devices. We have issued updates to fix these issues and are continuing to monitor user reported 

We have now fixed the issues above and on Wednesday the 15th of May we will start redirecting all users to the new login page. Please contact our support team if you experience any issues.


On Wednesday the 24th of April, we will start rolling out a new user log-in process across all accounts. 

If you use our Capture or Visit apps you will need to update them to the latest version within a month! If you don't use the mobile apps no special action from you is required, simply log in using your existing email and password and your user will be "migrated" to the new authentication process automatically. 

What changes to expect?

The login page will be redesigned, the domain and login URL will change and the password reset emails might look a little different. Do not be alarmed by the differences, the changes are legitimate. The new login page should look something like the screenshot below and the new login URL will be account.geckoengage.com

How will the update be carried out ?

We will roll out the update gradually over a full month to ensure we're not causing any inconvenience for our users.  On the 24th of April, a new banner will be shown on our current login page (https://app.geckoform.com/#/login) prompting users to migrate to the new login process. This will simply take the user to our new login page on account.geckoengage.com . Simply log in using your existing email and password to be "migrated" to the new log-in process. From that point forward, any time you visit app.geckoform.com you will be redirected to account.geckoengage.com. 

On the 1st of May (this was delayed to May 15th to fix some user reported issues - read the update notice above), we will extend the rollout to all users in the system, which means that all users will automatically be taken to the account.geckoengage.com page when going to app.geckoform.com in order to log in. Again, users will simply be able to use their existing email and password to log in. 

If your existing password was not secure enough, you may be prompted to reset your password when you log in for the first time via the new process. 

If you haven't logged in through the new login page before the end of May, you will need to reset your password next time you attempt to log in.

If you use our mobile apps you will need to update them to the latest version within a month!

You will get an email on the 24th of April prompting you to update the mobile and desktop apps on your devices. You will need to update the apps to the latest version by the end of May in order to be able to continue logging into the app and accessing the data and forms on it. If you are already logged in after the app update, we recommend logging out and back in. If you don't, you might get logged out a few weeks later when we deprecate the old method of authentication. Simply log back in to access all your forms and data as usual.

Why is Gecko doing this? 

This change will make the login process more secure and future proof. Additionally, this will allow us to integrate Gecko better with other apps as well as offer our users the option of logging into Gecko using their existing university email account via Single Sign On.

How has this been tested?

We have been testing with this update internally as well as with a select group of users over the last 4 months and we are excited to finally roll out this update across all user accounts.

Where can I find out more about this? 

We are always happy to help and answer any of your questions. Please contact us via our live chat service or at support@geckoengage.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns. 

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