Ease of use is key when engaging with students. You may already be familiar with the ability to embed Gecko forms on your website, allowing you to automate follow-up communication and collect data from your website visitors. At Gecko, we have decided to take this a step further in the area of event registration. Until now, you were able to only embed a registration form for your event.

Now, you're able to embed a dynamic list of events on your webpage, allowing students to see, at a glance, your calendar of upcoming events, read a brief description and register using our forms. The new tool means that you only need to have your IT team embed our code on a desired webpage once, giving you full control over the contents of your events calendar going forward - updating your upcoming events has never been easier.


The new event embeds is tailored to work on almost any page and easily blend in with the rest of your website, while dynamically displaying information about Gecko events.



The event embedding functionality is built entirely using existing components of the system, which you are already familiar with. To start, you will need to simply create a registration form and an event, the system will take care of the rest. (If you're new to forms and events, please visit their respective pages here and here to learn more). 

!IMPORTANT! The only additional step required from your standard form/event set up is to include an event field on your form without an event selected. Simply navigate to your form of choice and drag & drop an event field, saving the form in the process. This will enable the selected event from the menu to populate.

Creating the embed code

Now that you have the events and registration forms, you simply need to navigate to the Events tab in Gecko, select share and pick the event (single event, category or all events), as well as the registration form and the system will generate the code for you to embed on your website.

  • Navigate to Events

  • Select the Share tab

  • Pick the form you would like to use for registration purposes

  • Select whether or not you would like to display: one event, all events or a category of events from the system

Embedding the code

Simply pass this code on to the team responsible for your website management and have them include it in a container big enough to house the forms. You won't need to make any changes to this in the future, it will simply update with the latest events added to your category.


Embeddable events allow you to provide an easy interface for students to find out more and register for upcoming events at your institution through an easy to use calendar of your events. At the same time, the functionality requires no input from your website team in the long term and gives you the power to update upcoming events on your website at the click of a button, directly from Gecko!

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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