Sometimes live-chat widgets can be lost amidst the design of your website. It's only natural - your website is specifically designed to be as attention-grabbing as possible! Fortunately, what happens before a conversation begins is now in your hand with Pre-chat workflows. 

On their most basic level, a pre-chat workflow allows you to choose how the widget behaves on your website and allows you to more accurately pick the right agent or team to assign the future conversation to. 

Please note that pre-chat workflows only apply to Live-chat channels. 

Getting started

Log in to Chat and head to Workflows, before clicking +New Workflow in the top-right corner. 

Give your workflow a name before choosing to trigger your workflow Before the conversation is started:

Set your conditions next, before choosing the type of action you'd like to take place once your conditions are met. You can pick from:

  • Prompt the visitor to open the widget - Display a simple text message above the Chat widget on your webpage.

  • Trigger a message to the visitor - Send a message that appears to be coming from a specific Agent. The screenshot at the top of this article is an example of this type of action. If the user opens the conversation, they'll be told with whom they are speaking!

  • Launch the live chat widget window - Opens the live-chat widget for the user, displaying the chat window or pre-chat forms (as applicable). 

  • Assign conversation to agent or team - Choose which agent(s) / team(s) to assign this conversation to. 

  • Assign conversation to a bot - pick which GeckoBot should answer this conversation. 

  • Set a contact field - update a specific contact field.

Once you're happy with your workflow, hit Set Live for your live-chat channels to begin using it.

Use Cases | Pre-Chat Workflows

As ever, it is our brilliant community who will be the people who come up with the truly brilliant use cases. Here are some we've come up with in the meantime:


What: A URL specific pre-chat message to increase live-chat engagement. For example, If a student is on my website reading about clearing, I might want a message to pop up saying "Interested in clearing? Skip the phone queues and chat with us now!"

How: Using the Condition if Referred URL equals <clearing webpage link here> and the Action of prompt the visitor to open the widget workflow.

Benefit: Less phone traffic, increased chat engagement. 


What: A simple workflow to offer an alternative to the user having to find specific information on your website. Have a bespoke message appear above the widget inviting the user to speak with you only if they've either a) been on this page x3 times in the past, or b) have been on this page longer than 10 seconds.

How: Using the Conditions of Number of page visits and Time on page (seconds) with the Action of trigger a message to the visitor

Benefit: Minimises rage quits, engages and opens talks with people actively interested in finding certain information. 


Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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