Importing answers from a spreadsheet directly into your bot is simple. It's a great solution for quickly teaching your bot those frequently asked questions that come in time and time again. It's also a good alternative with which to leverage the expertise of your colleagues who may not necessarily have time to log into GeckoChat themselves. 


Getting started

Answers can currently only be imported from a .CSV file. Let's begin by opening up a spreadsheet. 

As we cover in the above video, your .CSV import makes exclusive use of the following 5 columns: 

  • Answer title (Column A) - The name of the answer you wish to import. No quotation marks are required. e.g:

Admissions - How do I apply?
  • Questions (Column B) - The questions you want the bot to look out for in order for this answer to trigger. Quotation marks must wrap each question, and unique questions must be separated by a comma. e.g: 

"How do I apply?","Am I able to apply to Gecko U now?","what are the steps for applying?","where do I go to apply","tell me about applying to ur school","i wanna apply but don't know how"
  • Answer Message (Column C) - How you want the bot to respond if the questions in Column B come in? With an answer, or a skill? Answer messages must be wrapped in quotation marks. If you want to a series of messages, each message 'block' must be separated by a comma. e.g:

"That's a great question. The good news is that applying to Gecko U is easy!","To begin your journey, be sure to check out and click 'Apply now'!"
  • Skill (Column D) - If want your questions in Column B to trigger a skill rather than an answer, leave Column C blank and instead input the exact name of the skill you'd like to trigger. Note - your skill must already be built for this to work. No quotation marks are required. e.g:

Apply to Gecko
  • Tags (Column E) - Tags can help to codify your answers, making them easier to find and manage over time. Tags must be wrapped in quotation marks and separated by a comma. e.g:

"Admissions","Application","Apply now","Apply"

There is no cap on the number of questions or tags you can add. Nor is there a limit on the number of answers you can import at any given time. Once your import is complete make sure:

  • You save it as a .CSV file.

  • All answers are on the same worksheet tab. 

Proceed to Bots > Answers > Import Answers. After reviewing your answers, simply confirm or reject any proposed changes and re-train your bot! 


Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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