Great news for our brilliant users who employ both Visit and Salesforce;  we now allow you to sync all of your Gecko events to Salesforce Campaigns. 

Syncing your events yields some incredible benefits: 

  • Gecko can automatically detect any new events in your Salesforce Campaigns module and create a linked event in Gecko with the same details & attendees.

  • If you add a contact to your Gecko event, we'll instantly and automatically push the same contact/attendee status to your Salesforce event - and vice versa!

  • No more importing/exporting lists of attendees. 

  • The best of both worlds: you get to manage your events through Gecko and maintain the use of your custom reporting in Salesforce Campaigns. 

Getting started

We give you granular control over how you'd like to manage your event syncing. 

Head to Settings > Integrations > Salesforce and then click the Events tab. 

Enabling Auto Import will instruct Gecko to look in your Salesforce Campaign module every few hours and pull through all historic, as well as any newly created into Gecko. 

If you'd rather pick and choose which events end up in Gecko, the same area will also allow you to manually pick which events you'd like to see in Gecko - and give you the option of exactly which Gecko event you'd like to link them too! 

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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