Filtering responses

When you are on the admin page and select Responses from the bottom middle menu bar you will see that all your responses will be saved here from all events. When attempting to search for particular responses you may find it useful to filter by the specific event. To do this tap on the text “Filter by Event” You will find this at the top of the screen above your highest response.

From here you can either type to search to find the event you require, or remove a filter by pressing show all responses.


Automatic syncing and editing responses

On the advanced settings page you can see an option to have your app automatically sync to gecko.

If you have set your app to not automatically sync to Gecko you will be able to edit your saved responses on the app. 

To do this from the homescreen of GeckoCapture Tap on Admin in the top right hand corner and then select Responses found at the bottom middle of your screen. When selecting the specific Response you want to edit you can do this by pressing Edit Response at the bottom of the screen. You will then be able to edit any fields you require. (Remember after the responses have been uploaded (Green status bar) you will not be able to edit them)


Deleting Responses

To Delete an individual response you will need to press the trash icon found to the right of the response, this can be found on the Admin > Responses. On pressing this icon you will see a Confirmation box appear asking you if you are sure you want to proceed. This will allow you to delete responses one by one. 

Bulk Deleting Responses

After you have completed a few events and stacked up a fair few responses you may want to delete a number of old responses from your device after they have been uploaded to Gecko. To Bulk delete we must first navigate to the same screen we were on before: Admin > Responses.

From this page select Bulk delete responses found near the bottom middle of the screen.

When selecting to delete a large amount of responses you will see a drop down window where you can select to delete from one of three options:

One month and older
One week and older
24 hours and older

This gives you the flexibility to choose when you want to remove older responses. (Remember this will not clear any data from Gecko and anything you remove will just be locally from the device the app is installed on)

That brings us to the end of Part 5 and our mini series of guides. You now know the basics of the GeckoCapture app allowing you to install, setup and use the app at an event to capture information in real time whilst safely storing this data offline and uploading these responses to the Gecko servers.


Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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