"Why are my SMS messages taking a while to process/deliver to students?" is a question we get asked often. This article aims to cover the processing limits of messages sent through Gecko.

Note: SMS messaging is a relatively old technology and comes with certain limitations that are unavoidable by any modern texting solution.

What determines rate limits?

Your rate limit is determined by a few factors: the product you are sending from and the region you are in.


Our products limits are enforced based on the product or feature you are using.

For example, if you are sending a message through our Chat experience, as opposed to our Engage experience (Forms, Events, Broadcasts, Workflows), then you will see different rate limits.

If your Chat platform is integrated with Engage and you are using a GeckoChat number in Engage for broadcast or workflow purposes, then GeckoChat's limits apply as opposed to Engage's.


Your region also determines rates of sending, as different countries enforce different legislation and limitation around mass SMS broadcastings. The main distinction with Gecko products and our message processing comes between US/CA and UK/Rest of the world (ROW).

Rate limits


(Form/Event/Broadcast text messages sent using a VoIP number from within our forms, events, broadcast and talk platform)

  • US/CA: 1 message per second

  • UK/Rest of the world: 5 messages per second


(Our GeckoChat platform, including any messaging done with GeckoChat numbers within our Forms, Events and Broadcasts using the Engage <> Chat integration)

  • US/CA: 1 message per second

  • UK/Rest of World: 5 messages per second

What do those rates of sending mean for me?

Depending on where you are sending the message (region/product-wise), your message may arrive with a delay to your audience.

For example:
Sending a broadcast message through a UK GeckoEngage number to 5,000 students.

  • This message will roughly take 16 minutes to complete sending. Meaning some students will receive it immediately, while others will receive it 8 minutes later

Sending a broadcast message through a US GeckoChat number to 5,000 students.

  • This message will roughly take 1hr and 25 minutes to complete.

Does this impact other message sending in the system?

The sending limits are applied per VoIP number owned and each number maintains its own capacity. In the last example above, if a user was to send a broadcast message using a GeckoChat number to 5,000 students, it would result in a delay responding to messages when using the same number in GeckoChat. For example, if someone responds to the message during the process, you may not be able to respond until the broadcast has finished.

An easy way around the above problem is to add a broadcast-only Chat number for broadcasts, allowing you to mass message through one and instantly answer conversations through another. This is a fairly standard practice in the industry and you may have experienced this when dealing with businesses.

Is there a way to increase my rate of sending?

There are potential options to increase this limit, however, they can incur an additional cost. Please contact our support team through live chat or your account manager to find out more. You can also contact us through support@geckoengage.com

For any support or questions on the above:

Please don't hesitate to reach us through our in-app LiveChat support or by emailing support@geckoengage.com

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