Organising events using Gecko is simple. Whether you're inviting attendees whose data you've already captured, or inviting new students through a form, we've got you covered!

Once students have registered for an event, Gecko allows for effective automated communication all the way up to the actual event start time. Want to send an SMS to all attendees on the morning of your event letting them know that you're excited to meet them and to bring an umbrella as it's forecasted to rain? Not only does it create a great first impression, but it's incredibly easy to set up.

Upon starting the event, attendees can be scanned using the Visit app, using unique QR codes that can be sent in advance, or directly registered with a form or using our Visit and Capture mobile apps. This allows for the option to directly engage with students while at the event through SMS or email, as well as to send different automated SMS or Email messages to them depending on their status (attended/did not attend/attended a specific session).

Example event process:


  • Attendees register through a form or are added using an import.

  • Automated emails, which you can setup in advance, are sent to the attendees, giving them more information regarding the event, such as location, time, date and what to expect.

  • A second automated email is sent closer to the event reminding the prospective student of their initial registration, as well as providing them with a QR code.

  • (Optional) An automated SMS message is sent on the morning of the event with a reminder, again including the QR code.

At the event & Post-event follow-up

  • Attendees are scanned marking them as attended.

  • After the event, attendees in this even receive a different follow-up email depending on their status. For example, those that were marked as 'Attended' could receive a 'further information email' and those that were marked as 'Registered' could receive a 'here is what you missed out on' email.


In order to replicate the above process, you would need to create the following setup:

  • Create an event in Gecko and add it to a specific event category
    (this is also the point at which you are able to add any session + session).

  • Create an email template to be sent to anyone added to your event.

  • Add the desired workflows to your event.
    (e.g. send out Registration email, post-event email, etc.)

  • Create a form for attendees to register on-to.
    (there are multiple ways to register attendees for an event, some of which can be seen here.)

  • Download the Visit app, download the event you have created, and start scanning attendees!

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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