We have recently released further updates to the popular Video Streaming functionality to allow for event admins to have further control of events that they run through the Gecko Video platform and also allow students to join anonymously.

Jonny Urquhart, Customer Success Team Lead, UK talks you through these changes in the short video below:

Attendees joining anonymously

Due to increased safeguarding measures and different types of events that are being run through Gecko, students now have the ability to choose if they would like to join the event anonymously or if they would like to join with their name displayed.

Increased Admin Functionality

Viewing anonymous contacts record

With the introduction of joining anonymously, we still wanted to give admin users permission to view the contact details of the attendee for reporting and allowing for the feature to remove the student from the event. You can implement this below:

  1. Head to gecko event

  2. Select "Actions"

  3. Select "Generate video admin page"

  4. Click the contact within the LiveChat

  5. "Contact Details"

Removing students from the event

As an admin, you will now also have the ability to remove students from the event if they are not following the rules.

  1. Head to your Gecko Event

  2. Select 'Actions'

  3. Select "Generate video admin page"

  4. Select the contact you wish to remove on the chat

  5. Remove Attendee

6. OK (At this point, you are also shown the details of the student)

The student is now removed from the webinar, and will also be removed from the event to prevent them from rejoining. The event webinar URL will be revoked from their RSVP page and they would need to get in touch with you directly in order to request to join

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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