This article will help you share all of the events you're running in Gecko through your Gecko Widget.

Please note, this component is only usable by clients with an Online or On-Campus Gecko Events subscription.

Choosing the Gecko Event Component

Events are a powerful way to win the hearts and minds of students and visitors. Whether your event in Gecko is being held On-Campus, Online, or as a Hybrid event, the Gecko Event Component makes sharing your key upcoming dates easier than ever before.

Once today's event has finished, Gecko is smart enough to know to automatically hide it, giving you peace of mind that only the correct events will be offered to students.

Getting started

To add the Gecko Event Component to your widget, click the Gecko Event card in the Build The Widget area.

Adding your events to the widget is easy. Just fill in the following fields:

  • Widget Component Label - What would you like this component to be called? Students will see this name on the widget menu when hovering their mouse over the Widget Icon:

An example of how the 'Widget Component Label' renders upon mouse-hover on the Widget

  • Enter your Webform Link - This allows us to find the correct event(s) on Gecko and pull them into your widget. Log into Gecko and go to Events > Share (or just click here) and decide the following:

    • Pick a Booking Form - This dropdown will allow you to pick any forms on your account that have an event field saved to them. Students will use this form to register for the event.

    • Pick Event(s) - Which events would you like to share?

      • All Events - This pulls all future events into the component.

      • By Category - Only pulls events into the component that belongs to the categories you select.

      • Single Event - Directs the component to only allow the student to book onto one specific event.

    • Webform Link - Click the Copy button and paste this into your Gecko Widget!

  • Widget Icon - How would you like your component icon to look?

Remember, you can test your component once you've added it to your widget! Just click the Real-time practice widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the page to see your video in action.


Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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