Please note that in order for this integration to work, you will need an eligible Instagram business account that is connected to a Facebook page or account.

Setting up your Instagram channel is easy.

Start by logging in to GeckoChat and click Settings > Channels > + Add New. Find the Instagram channel and click Add new Channel.

Clicking Login to Facebook will open a pop-up that will ask you for the email/ password for your Facebook account. You won't have to do this if you've recently added a Facebook channel to your Chat account.

Once logged in, a window will open in GeckoChat asking you to provide a Channel Title and to specify which eligible Instagram Business Account you'd like to add.

And that's all. Any DMs to your Instagram page will now automatically appear in GeckoChat and any replies you send will automatically be pinged back to Instagram.

Instagram Business Account Settings

To allow messages to sync between Instagram and Chat, you have to ensure that you have "Allow access to messages" toggled on within Instagram.

  1. Open Instagram Business Account

  2. Select the hamburger drop-down on the top right

  3. Settings

  4. Privacy

  5. Messages

  6. Toggle on "Allow access to messages"

Another useful thing to note is that Facebook/Instagram imposes restrictions on responding to messages from students whose questions remained unanswered for periods of 24-hours or longer. Read more here.


Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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