Accidentally deleted an event? Worry not! You can quickly restore any event that has been deleted in error. Please note that events are only recoverable for 28 days after deletion.

Getting started

Log in to GeckoEngage and head to the Events > Deleted Events tab.

Find the event that you would like to restore, click the cog beside the event you wish to restore, and select Restore Event. This will bring your event and sessions/session times back to the main events page. Easy.

How does it work? What is included in an Event Restore?

When an event is restored, all related entities are restored that were associated with the event at the time of deletion:

  • Parent event

  • Sessions

  • Session times

  • Workflows

  • All attendees

What happens with the workflows on the event when it is restored?

Reinstated workflows will follow the below :

  • Scheduled and has passed time > the workflow will not trigger again

  • Scheduled and not passed time > These workflows will trigger when the scheduled time is met.

  • Immediate workflows will not re-run for any previous attendees. This will work as expected for new attendees.

  • Relative Workflow and has passed time, workflow will not trigger again

  • Relative and not passed time. These workflows will trigger when the scheduled time is met.


Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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