We've recently made it easier than ever to find the conversations that matter the most to you with the ability to save and pin your custom filter searchers to the Conversations view.

In the video below, Jonny takes you everything you'll need to know about Saved Custom filters:

Getting Started

Log in to your Chat account and navigate to the Conversations tab. Click Custom Filter and pick the option to build a New Filter.

Finding the

Here you have granular control over how you'd like to filter your conversations. Your filters can be as complex or as simple as your need dictates. In the below example, we're telling Gecko to display the open chats that are assigned to the UG admissions team after a specified date:

An example of a conversation filter

Once you're happy with your conditions, click Save Filter and name your filter. Be sure to keep your name under 15 characters. You'll also have a toggle to "pin" your filter to your toolbar.

Pinning your filter to the toolbar will "save" your filter toolbar for easy access for the duration of your session.

Important note: Filters are unique to individual agents. No other agents on your account will see your saved filters or filters you've pinned to the toolbar. This gives you the freedom to customize Gecko to a view that best suits you without worrying about how it impacts other members of the team!

After a filter has been saved, you can edit, pin/unpin or delete them by again clicking the Custom Filter button.

Once pinned, your saved filter will function the same as any other pre-made filter (My Conversations, Unassigned, Open, etc.) in that you'll see a red notification dot when a new conversation has started that meets your filter conditions:

An example of a red notification to alert users to a newly created conversation.


Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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