As you may have heard, Google is currently in the process of replacing the current version of Google Analytics (named Universal Analytics, or UA), with a new version, named GA4.

Universal Analytics will stop processing data on July 1st 2023. No doubt there will already be people at your institution who are thinking about how this switch will impact you. The switch also impacts Gecko, insofar as the way we send data to Google Analytics needs to change to support GA4.

Our plan is to move away from sending data directly into Google Analytics, and instead focus solely on sending data to Google Tag Manager (which will in turn send your data into Google Analytics). Your data will still be sent to Google Analytics, but via Google Tag Manager instead of directly from Gecko. This approach is already being used by many of our clients, so disruption will be minimal for many of you.

By solely supporting Google Tag Manager, we’ll be able to focus all our efforts on a single integration, which ultimately will make it easier for you to track Gecko-related activities in Google Analytics.

More details will follow in due course, but if you have any thoughts regarding this approach in the meantime please reach out to our Success team.

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