We know clearing is the most demanding time of the year for our customers, and that’s why we are doing all we can to make sure things will run smoothly for you.

We have conducted performance testing on both our stage and production environments to give us the confidence we have tested in real-world conditions. Using past years' information we ensure the volume of test data we are using is much larger than any expected load on results day.

Some areas of testing are as follows…

Submitting forms

We are testing forms to ensure that when the demand increases Gecko is performant.

We have also conducted and passed tests with large volumes of form submissions with;

  • Workflows

  • Organisation fields

  • Events fields

Running broadcasts

Ensuring that these run in a timely manner is important to meaningful communication with students. We tested;

  • Single broadcasts

  • Concurrent broadcasts, to emulate customers running broadcasts at the same time

  • High-demand broadcasts with 100s of thousands of subscribers

Chat widget availability

With the increased number of enquiries expected we have tested that messages arrive within chat and that the bot responds in a timely manner when involved in conversations.

Workflows starting chat conversations

We have load-tested the scenario of workflows starting chat conversations, simulating several thousand conversations starting in an hour.

We use both Nightwatch and Artillery for our automated tests. Nightwatch replicates a user interacting with the platform, and Artillery load tests our API endpoints to ensure these are performant.

Monitoring performance

We have extensive monitoring in place using Amazon CloudWatch. Alongside the monitoring we have robust notification settings that inform the relevant people if something doesn’t look quite right, thus allowing us to rectify any potential issues.

As normal, we will be updating our status pages to ensure that you are kept fully informed about the availability of our systems, and the systems we depend upon.

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