Field Options allow you to create a list of options which you can use across multiple forms. This prevents you from having to type out long lists and saves you time. 

This article will cover the range of ways you can create, append and update field lists and some specialised use cases.

Getting started

Navigate to Settings > Field Options and click +Add Option in the top-right corner. Begin by giving your options list a Name, to be used across Gecko. From here, there are a number of ways to add Options to your Field Options list:

Manually adding options

For shorter options lists, you may want to manually create them yourself.

  • Add your option in the field with the New Option placeholder text. This is the value which will display when used on a form. 

  • If your option has a different Export Value (e.g. a GUID in your CRM), add it in the field to the right of this. If not, leave the Export Value field blank. 

  • Click the blue + Add Option to add another option field. 

  • To add a child field for this parent option, click the + icon, to the right of the trashcan icon.

  • When you are happy with your field options, hit Save.

You may always want to explore text mode whilst creating your options lists. To get started, simply click Switch to text mode.

Importing options

The most popular way of creating options, you can quickly add a pre-made list from a range of sources by clicking Import Options in the top-right corner of the screen. From there you may:

  • Import from Template - use an existing Gecko list of world countries or US states.

  • Import from Text - simply copy and paste any options list into the text box. Toggling Append options to 'on' allows you to add to an existing list. Toggling this to 'off' will overwrite any existing Field Options. Optional - to add Export Values, be sure to separate your copy & pasted display and export values with a pipe, e.g:

Importing from Text excluding export values:
Ancient History & Archaeology
Ancient History & Art

Importing from Text including export values:
Ancient History & Archaeology|AH38383-3939
Ancient History & Art|AH38383-3940
  • Importing from Integration - pull through the most recent options lists from your integration. Choose your integration, the Integration Field to pull the list of options from and click Import Options

Using your Field Options

Once your field options list has been saved, it can be added to any of the following compatible Form Fields:

  • Checkbox - Multiple Choice

  • Dropdown - Single Choice

  • Dropdown - Multiple Choice

  • Radio - Single Choice 

Simply add one of the above fields to your form and save it. Now, click to Edit your field and navigate to the Options tab: 

Add your Field Options list in the Option Template field. It's worth noting that any changes made to your list of options in Settings > Field Options will reflect on your form in real-time. 

For assistance with creating Parent & Child field option lists, click here

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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