Check out our (extremely) short guide to one of GeckoCapture's most powerful features - hidden fields:

Hidden Fields could refer to two things: hiding an existing field from the front end, or creating a dedicated hidden field. 

Gecko allows you to set up workflows that send emails to users of the system or to the email address provided by the person who completes the form. If you want to send an email to an external party you can create a hidden field within a form, with the desired email address in the value field as illustrated below. The screenshot below shows an example and how it was set up.

You can use hidden fields if you want to register a piece of data within a response and sync it with your CRM every time the form is completed. The screenshot below shows you the options of a such a field and how it was set up. In this case, the hidden field is used to register a source code with each response and sync it to the appropriate field in Hobsons Radius CRM.

The screenshot below shows how hidden fields could be used to add an extra description field for a form that syncs to your CRM. In this case, the hidden field is used to capture the event category, which will be synced to the Hobsons Radius CRM and allow for further data organisation and analytics.

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