Learn to organise, customise and track your form with our video and handy guide below:

Basic Settings

  • Published Status -  allows you to control whether or not a form is available to be used by the public.

  • Internal Name, this field allows you to give your form a separate internal name to the one displayed on the actual form.

  • Group - you are able to add forms to a specific form group in order to filter out forms based on the group they belong to (e.g. International Forms).

  • Maximum Responses - allows you to set the maximum number of people that are able to fill out a certain form.

  • Expiry Date - allows you to set a specific expiry date, upon which the form will no longer be available to be completed.

  • Primary & Secondary Field - allows you to change the order and type of the first two fields displayed in each response on the Capture app.

Display Settings

  • Success Message - allows you to change the displayed message after completing the form.

  • Max Responses Message - allows you to change the message displayed when the form has reached its maximum number of responses, if a limit is set.

  • Continue button - allows you to toggle the complete button on/off.

  • Language - Changes the language any system alerts/errors are displayed in. Available languages include: English, Spanish, Chinese, German and Welsh.

Redirect Rules

  • Auto Redirect - redirects all students to the Default Success URL upon form completion.

Redirect rules allow you to use conditional logic to dictate which page the student should be redirected to, based on their answers on your form. If the student meets multiple conditions, they will be taken to the website of the top-most condition that is met.


  • Header Image - allows you to upload a header image to replace the default image. Suggested: 1536px(w) x 500px(h) in JPG or PNG

  • Logo Image - allows you to upload a header image to replace the default image. Suggested: 670px(w) x 180px(h) in JPG or PNG 

  • Background Colour - The colour Gecko will overlay on your Header Image.

  • Custom CSS - allows you to change the CSS of webforms.


Allows you to specify whether or not responses from this form should be automatically synced into your CRM system. If you have Chat you are also able to embed a live-chat channel of your choice on the form.


  • Google Analytics ID - allows you to paste in your Google Analytics ID to track the number of visits your form gets (UA-XXXX).

  • Google Tag Manager ID - allows you to input your Tag Manager ID to track specific sections of the form being visited (GTM-XXXXXX).

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