Check out our video and guide below to gain an insight into how to create and fill your first event:

Creating a new event
Create an event by going to the events tab, selecting Add Event and giving your event a name, start date and end date.

Using events
Associating responses in Gecko with specific events is possible using a number of ways including:

  • Workflows (creating an automated workflow that adds anyone that has completed a specific form to a specific event).

  • Using the form event field (allows for anyone filling out the form to choose from a number of events within a specific category and build-up a 'basket' of events and sessions that they would like to attend).

  • Using Smart filters to add a large number of contacts that match certain criteria to a specific event.

  • Using the add to event action on individual contacts either from within the event or from within a specific contacts' record.

  • (Mobile Only) Selecting the Current event on your mobile device will also associate any responses captured using the device with the event chosen.

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