SMS broadcasts can be used to create an automated broadcast campaign that will dynamically send an SMS message to specific contacts in your system based on a set of criteria. 

An example of this could be sending a specific text message to any student whose country of origin is the United Kingdom. Whilst the broadcast is live, any student added to the broadcast who meets this country of origin criteria will be sent the same message.

In addition to this, SMS Broadcasts also trigger workflows (similar to forms and events) based on either contact information (e.g. anyone added to the broadcast who is an undergraduate should be labelled accordingly) or based on the outcome of the SMS (delivered/not delivered). A common example of this is to have an automated email sent to those that have provided a wrong phone number and the text was not delivered.

To set up an SMS Broadcast

  • Navigate to SMS Broadcast and select New Broadcast.

  • Give your broadcast a name and select the SMS Template you would like to send.

  • You will be taken to the broadcast Filter section, where you will be able to add certain conditions, based on which contacts will be added to your broadcast. 

  • Once you have set up your conditions, select the Refresh button so that your list of contacts is updated and Save Changes to your broadcast.

  • (Optional) Create any workflows that you would like to run in the Workflows tab.

  • Navigate to the Overview page and select Resume Campaign when you are ready to start your broadcast.

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