Call scripts in GeckoTalk in much the same way as forms in GeckoCapture. They both have the same goal - data capture of prospective students. The main difference is that call scripts will be used by internal staff and can contain more information.

You're able to create dynamic scripts that not only provide a clearly defined path for your call agent to follow but scripts that react in real time to the information your agent gathers. 

Creating a call script

Navigate to the Scripts section in Gecko and select Add Script. You will be able to add fields on the right-hand side of the page. 

Typically, users would add Text blocks that provide information to the call agent, such as an introductory line or information they may need to communicate with the student on the other end of the call. After each block, you would have a field that would need to be filled out with information received from the prospective student (e.g. a text field, drop-down field, radio choice field or others). 

  • Text block fields contain the tag builder at the bottom, which allows you to add dynamic tags to your script. Dynamic tags pull-through information from within the system depending on: the Form, Assigned User or Contact being called. For example {{contact.full_name}} would change depending the contact being called and your call agent would be able to see: 'Hi, is this (Contact's name) speaking?'.

  • Workflows allow you to setup automation based on information input into your scripts, (e.g. an answer to a question can trigger an email or label a contact).

  • Field conditions allow your scripts to be dynamic. You can use field conditions to only display certain fields based on previous answers in the script (e.g. if someone answers 'yes' to being a UK citizen, then show UK specific fields). Those are located within the pop-up settings menu that appears once you select a field.

Using Call Scripts

  • Navigate to the Call Campaign in question.

  • Select Settings.

  • Select Campaign Options and pick the Script from the drop-down menu.

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