Below we outline how to set up and use different Workflows that are triggered once a user completes a call and submits their script. 

In much the same way as with forms, scripts allow for information to be captured during the call using pre-defined fields. Workflows allow for different actions (such as sending out an email, labelling, user assignment) to be performed quickly, easily and most importantly, automatically.

Creating Script Workflows:

  • Navigate to the Workflows page inside your Script.

  • Select Add Workflow.

  • You will be given 2 different fields: One to create conditions and one to add actions that are to run based on those conditions. (Note: if you leave the conditions section blank, then your workflows will run any time a new call is complete.)

  • Select Add Condition and pick the type of condition you would like to add.

  • Select the Delay for your action or leave it to run Immediately.

  • Select Add Action and pick the type of action you would like to run (e.g. Email).

  • Select Save once you are happy with the workflow setup that you have created.

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