Gecko allows for the creation of call campaigns which dynamically display available contacts and allows you to easily segment, filter and assign calls to specific call agents.

Creating Call Campaigns

  • Navigate to the Campaigns section.

  • Select New Campaign.

  • Give your Campaign a name.

  • Setup any of the available options that are explained below.

  • Select Save Changes.

  • Being using your campaign!

Schedule & Date:

  • Gives you the option to set up a start and end date for your campaign, as well as set the minimum amount of time before it will be possible to call a contact back.

Campaign Options:

  • Script - allows you to pick the script that is to be followed by your call agents.

  • Verified caller ID - allows you to select the number your calls will be made from. To edit this, simply go to Settings > VoIP Numbers.

  • Record numbers - switch on/off whether or not you would like to record your calls.

  • Assigned user - pick the specific agents/users in your system that will be able to make phone calls on this campaign.

Campaign Fields

  • Allows you to control the specific fields you would like to see on the campaign overview screen as part of each contact's information.

Sort Contacts

  • Allows you to sort contacts based on a number of pre-defined criteria.


  • Allows you to pick the different outcomes available at the end of each call. You are able to edit those in Settings > Outcomes.

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