Gecko allows you to segment contacts based on a specific set of criteria that will then be assigned to a specific agent or group of agents. This means that the most qualified agents will be paired with the best target market for them, with the ability to fallback to the general population of contacts once they have finished their segment.

Segmenting Contacts

  • Navigate to your Campaign.

  • Select the Segments tab and click Add Segment.

  • Select Add Condition in order to create a new condition that would filter out contacts based on a number of factors (fields, events, responses, etc). 

  • Once you are happy with your conditions, you should see the number of contacts update to match your criteria and you should see the message: Assign X contacts to be called by no one. 

  • Select the no one link and pick the specific agent(s) that are going to be responsible for this segment.

  • (Optional) Pick the fallback option as on/off whether or not you would like those agents to be given the option to call other contacts once they have finished their segment.

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