Similar to workflows in GeckoCapture and GeckoVisit, campaign workflows allow for the automation of communication (in the form of SMS or email), user assignment, labelling and other actions. 

An example of use of Campaign workflows could be an automated email sent to anyone whose phone number was invalid, prompting them to provide a correct number. A further use could be a workflow that sends an email to a student with further information regarding their course of interest.

Creating Campaign Workflows

  • Navigate to the Workflows page inside your Campaign.

  • Select Add Workflow.

  • You will be given 2 different fields: One to create conditions and one to add actions that are to run based on those conditions. (Note: if you leave the conditions section blank, then your workflows will run any time a new call is complete).

  • Select Add Condition and pick the type of condition you would like to add: outcome (the outcome of the call), contact field ( a specific piece of information that the contact may hold), data (e.g. the number of calls left in the campaign), assigned user. Note: you are able to have more than one workflow

  • Either pick to Delay your action or leave it to run Immediately.

  • Select Add Action and pick the type of action you would like to run (e.g. email).

  • Select Save once you are happy with the workflow setup that you have created.

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