GeckoTalk allows you to monitor calls in progress either as a list view or through the use your campaigns dedicated WallBoard, which could be set up on a separate machine to monitor the success of a campaign you may have in progress. 

Using a Campaign WallBoard

wallboards display key information about your system's current state, including the number of agents online, agents ready, callers in queue, service level and active status of each agent.

To find your wallboard, simply:

  • Navigate to your Campaign and select the Wallboard tab.

  • Click on the link Open Call Monitor in a New Window.

  • Enter your login credentials.

  • Start using your wallboard.

Monitoring active calls in list view

You are also able to see all calls made for your campaign by navigating to the Calls tab in your calls section. This displays a list view of all calls made, including any that may be in progress, as well as key information on each call.

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