Learn to manage your ever-growing list of contacts within Gecko with this snappy tutorial:

By default your account is mapped to match to contacts to responses based on Full Name and Email. (Note: check your current settings in Settings > Contact Fields and looking for values that have a Yes in the Matchable field.) 

Every time one of your forms is completed, Gecko will check to see if the full name and email address given in the form are belong to an existing contact in your contact base. If a contact with those details already exists in your database, we will simply add the new responses to this existing contact. 

If the full name matches, but the email provided in the completed form is not matched to any existing contact, Gecko creates a new contact and assigns the response to it.

The same process is applied when importing contacts from a CSV spreadsheet or from a third party CRM integration. 

Contacts tab
The contacts section in Gecko provides a list of contacts of maximum 50 per page with the ability to filter them based on Saved filters or Labels. This page displays information about each contact including:

  • Name.

  • Email address.

  • Telephone Number.

  • Labels.

Saved filters
In order to create saved filters, navigate to the filter icon (next to the quick search bar) and add the necessary conditions you would like to filter contacts by. The possible conditions include:

  • Field - a piece of information held in the contact's profile.

  • Import - the import that a specific contact may be a part of.

  • Contact Label - the label that a contact may hold.

  • Response - information from a response submitted by form.

  • Call Outcome.

  • SMS Outcome.

  • Call Count.

  • Event - specific information about an event that a contact may have attended.

  • Organisation - the organisation that the contact belongs to.

Note: You are able to have more than one condition per saved filter (e.g. Nationality = UK and Event = November School Visit).

Mass action
You are able to mark one, multiple or all contacts on the page currently visible to you (max 50), which will allow you to perform an Action on selected. This button will appear next to the quick search bar once you mark a contact and allow you to:

  • Add label - manually add an already created label to your contacts.

  • Send email - email the selected contacts directly. 

  • Add to Campaign - add them to a call campaign.

  • Add to Organisation.

  • Add to Event.

  • Remove Contacts.

If you select one of the contacts, you will be taken to the record of that specific contact.

Inside Contact Record
Inside you will find information on:

  • Contact profile - all of the contact fields in the system that you have set up.

  • System information - information on contact creation and other parameters.

  • Activity log - allows you to see a timeline of any changes made to this contact.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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