In this incredibly short video, we give you an overview of labels within Gecko. 

Labels are predefined, colour-coded tags that can be associated with a contact or response manually or through workflows. You can filter your contacts/responses by their associated label using the filter options on the left of the contacts/responses list. You can choose whether you would like to filter by contacts/responses which have all of the selected labels, or at least one of them.

Labels are displayed as coloured rectangles for your responses and contacts as illustrated below:

Managing Labels

To create and edit labels, you will have to go into Settings > Labels. Here you can easily add a new label, assign it a title and colour, and save. If you click on an existing label you will be able to edit its title and colour or delete it by using the remove button. 

Assigning labels through Workflows

You can easily create workflows in your forms that will automatically assign labels to contacts or responses based on selections made by the end user in the actual form. The .gif below illustrates how you set this up:

Manually assigning labels

You can manually assign or remove labels to your contacts and responses, which is useful for making small edits and updates to your database. In order to change labels on your individual form enquiries, go into Responses - search and click on your desired response. You can now use the actions menu to change the label of the contact and the options cog to change the labels of the response.

You can also assign labels to contacts and responses through the mass action menu. Just select a few contacts/responses and the mass action menu will appear. Use it to assign the desired labels to your selected records.

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