Filters can be used all over Gecko; Contacts, Responses, Messages and more. Check out our short video below to get the lowdown on this time saver. 

Once you have collected or imported data, Gecko has the ability to filter data based on a number of different criteria. It is possible to use the pre-defined filters to filter out specific responses, messages, events or calls. In addition to this, you are able to filter out contacts using your own unique set of criteria, including the use of multiple criteria for the same filter.

Creating a Contact filter

  • Navigate to the Contacts page.

  • Select the filter button next to the Quick Search bar.

  • Click on Advanced Search.

  • Add conditions based on which you would like to identify contacts.

  • Select Search to find the contacts or Save if you would like to use this filter in the future for searches or Exports

Note: you are able to include more than one condition and can control whether or not you would like to find them based on both or just one of the conditions.

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