Importing contact data from a spreadsheet allows you to quickly set up your connections and be up and running within minutes. Find out more in our short video below.

To begin, head to Settings > Import Data and click + New Import in the top-right corner. You'll then be asked the type of import you'd like to run. Choose File Import and then hit OK.

Give your import a Title and pick whether you'd like this to be a One-off import or Recurring Import. Set the Import Type as Contacts

Lastly, upload your .CSV file in the Import File section and click Upload .CSV.

Required Fields

  • Full Name - Allows you to map the name for the contact. Selecting Full Name allows you to specify the format of the name on your import (i.e. First name only, Last name only, Last Name - First Name, etc.) 

  • Email Address - Allows you to map the email address for the contact.

Optional Fields

Depending on the Contact Fields you've created on your account, what you can map to will vary. Below are some of the most common examples to help guide you:

  • Captured by - Allows you to log who originally captured this contact's details. To find the unique Captured by ID, navigate to Settings > Users and click the name of the desired user. Now look the URL in your browser. In the below example, my Captured by ID would be 1

  • Created at - By default, this will be the date/ time you import your file (if updating an existing contact, the created at date will not be affected). If you'd like to backdate this contact origin to a different date/time, the Created At value will overwrite the import time. 

  • Consent - Allows you to import consent preferences for contacts. This can be added as comma-separated values, or be mapped to individual consent reasons. The format for your cells should be true to grant to consent and false to withdraw it.  

  • Telephone Number - You are able to separately map the Number, International Dial Code and/ or the ISO Country Abbreviation to automatically assign the correct dialling code. If no Dial Code or Country Abbreviation is specified, Gecko will apply all mapped numbers with the default international dialling code as outlined in your Settings > Account Settings > Default Country field. 

  • Organisations - Assign your contact to a specific Organisation within Gecko. This maps to name of the organisation. 

Once you've mapped the fields on your .CSV to the above options hit Finish Import. If all is set up correctly, your contacts will now be successfully uploaded/ updated within Gecko.

Don't panic if your import isn't correct first time around. Gecko supports the functionality to both re-upload the import with a new file, or to rollback the import.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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