User groups allow you to create distinct classes of access to your system for your team. To access user group settings click on Settings > User Groups. You can easily determine the level of system access you wish to allow for each of your user groups, which will enable you to safely use Gecko across multiple teams within your organisation. 

Some user groups are created by default for your system and have special pre-coded characteristics. For example, the Administrators group will allow users to change account settings. The Mobile Only will allow users to log into the mobile app but will not allow any access to the browser system. The screenshot below illustrates the different permissions you can configure for your user groups:

User groups are not the only way of structuring your system to keep it clean and secure. You can specify the exact forms and responses a user will have access to. For example, you can create a set of forms for your international team and limit their access to those forms alone. This will prevent them from accidentally using or changing any other forms you have in the system.

A common troubleshooting issue occurs when a user creates a form, which others cannot see or access. This is because all forms are set to be visible only by their creator by default. You can go into the Permissions tab in your form to choose who else should have access to it. If you are an administrator, you can quickly go into your own user settings and manage the forms that you want to see.

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