Your account preferences house some of the most important information for your account. You can find this section by heading to Settings > Account Settings.


The account section allows you to edit your: 

  • Account name - this is used throughout gecko to identify your account

  • Unique account identifier - for personalised web links (URLs) such as landing pages

  • Main address - This address will be used across Gecko for features such as event locations, VOIP number purchasing, emails and more

  • Default Country - This default country code will be applied to all imported contacts with a mapped telephone number.

Date & Time

  • Timezone - Used when scheduling events, calls or messages

  • Date and time format, allowing you to choose between the different date formats and the 12 hour and 24 hour time format.

Communication Defaults

You will be able to set the default email sender, caller ID, SMS ID and event status.

We explore the branding section of Account Settings in detail here


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