The following video will offer guidance on how to quickly and efficiently set up an integration between Gecko and your instance of Radius.

Looking to integrate Radius with GeckoChat? Click here.


In Radius:

  • Login to Radius and navigate to Setup.

  • Under Organisation Settings choose Web Services.

  • Select New Web Service.

  • Enter an identifiable name for your web service and save.

  • Copy/make note of the username, ID and password of your new web service.

In Gecko:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations > New Integrations.

  • Select Radius, enter your details and select the appropriate region.

  • Follow the above video in order to set up attribute syncing.

Gecko allows for successful integration between the following modules:

  • Responses.

  • Field options.

  • Events + Attendees.

  • Contact imports.

  • Call outcomes.

  • Script responses.

  • Messages.

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