It's so quick to build and embed your Gecko forms that it's scarily easy to lose track of which page on your website you've put them on!

Fortunately, tracking the page a student was on when a form submission comes in is easy.

Getting started

Navigate to the form you'd like to start tracking responses from.

On the form designer, head to Form fields and add a Hidden field to your form and Save Changes.

Now head to Workflows and add a new workflow. Leave the conditions blank but add the following Action:

Update response field contents > {Your Hidden Field} > with the value >  {{response.referer}}

The {{response.referer}} tag will tell Gecko to dynamically insert the full URL of the page the student was on when the response was submitted.

This data will then be visible on the form dashboard, any form exports and also the ability to push this value to your CRM!

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