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Call segments can be applied to individual call campaigns and are a neat way to ensure the most qualified caller will be calling the student best suited to them. For example, you could tell Gecko to ensure your Spanish-speaking call agents are the only ones to call Spanish-speaking students. Or that students from a specific city or state are only called by callers from the same area.

To create a segment, navigate to Call Campaigns and click on the campaign you'd like to set segments up for before heading to the Segments tab.

Click + Add Segment and create your conditions by clicking + Add Condition. In the THEN section, you'll see an automatically updated count of contacts to illustrate how many contacts from your campaign will meet the conditions of your segment.

A screenshot of a segment with a 'Condition' and 'Then' correctly set up.

Click no one to pick which of your call agents should be responsible for this segment, and choose whether the selected agents should fall back to helping call other contacts once their segment has been called. Only agents who are Assigned Users (Campaign Settings > Campaign Options) will be eligible for taking on segment consignments.

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