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Landing pages are a fantastic option to easily share information with students in an environment fully controlled by you. Your ability to provide each student with a personalized page is where landing pages come into their own.

Note: Landing pages are only available to clients with Gecko Promote. Interested in learning more? Contact your Sales or Account Manager here.

To create a new page, go to Landing Pages and click + New Landing Page in the top-right corner. When you're happy with everything looks, your landing page can be shared by clicking the edit button in the bottom-right corner of the page and toggling Published to on. This generates a unique sharing over which you control the URL.

Landing pages are divided into three sections: a header/footer, the body, and the edit page menu.


Hover over the block in question and click the edit button to edit the top-most header block or bottom-most footer block.

Gecko allows you to control titles, add rich text, incorporate Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn icons, and manage the block's appearance.


There is no cap on the number of blocks you can add to the body of your landing page. New blocks can be added by clicking the blue + Add button at the bottom of any body block.

A screenshot showing a new block being added to the body.

To re-order blocks within the body, click edit in the bottom-right corner and scroll down to the Block Order section, which allows you to drag and drop blocks into a new order.

Gecko supports three unique block types:

  • Content / Image - Allows you to specify titles, supports rich text, and allows images to be uploaded. Learn more about dynamically personalizing your landing pages.

  • Form - Embed any of your Gecko forms into your landing page and freely customized the appearance of the block.

  • Map - Integrate your landing page with Google Maps.

Edit page

Your page can be published/unpublished, and many settings altered by clicking edit in the bottom-right corner of your landing page. You can:

  • Change your landing page's title.

  • Add URLs for any social media widgets you've embedded on your page.

  • Add Google Tag Manager IDs to track traffic and clicks on your landing page.

  • Integrate any live chat/bot channels on your landing page

  • Use the Block Order section to edit the block order on your page easily.

When you're ready to provide students with a link to your landing page, Publish your page and provide them with your unique Sharing Link.

Any questions? Start a live chat with our support team, or feel free to explore the rest of our Academy. Spotted an error or want to suggest a future article for the Academy? Let us know here.

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