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Cloning, time travel, and repeating events
Cloning, time travel, and repeating events

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Events often run multiple times, so quickly making copies of previous events in Gecko is super important.

🚨 Be careful when cloning, repeating, or time-traveling events with workflows set up to run After a date (an absolute date/time). If this date/time has already passed, we recommend deleting the workflow before cloning.

Gecko offers three tools designed to make bulk/batch-creating events a breeze. The methods below can be used by clicking on the event you want to copy/time-travel or from the Events page.

  • Clone - Makes a carbon copy of your event (all settings, categories, timezones, locations, hosts, sessions, and workflows are identical). The newly cloned event will be empty and will have no students.

  • Repeat - Offers the same functionality as cloning an event but allows you to bulk-create multiple events.

  • Timetravel - Move an existing event to a new event start date/time in the future. Timetravelling will move all session start/end times relative to the new start date/time picked.

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