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Any calls made in Gecko can be recorded for quality control and training purposes.

By default, this functionality will be switched off and, with good reason: it's essential to first speak with your legal teams to understand the legalities involved in recording conversations and be sure your call agents know how they're obligated to inform students that calls are recorded.

Once you've got the green light, calls can be enabled in several ways:

  • Globally - You can instruct Gecko to automatically record all calls on any given VoIP number with calling capabilities. Go to Settings > VoIP Numbers, click on the number you wish to enable recording, and toggle Record Calls on.

  • Campaigns - Individual call campaigns can be configured to record calls. When configuring or editing a campaign, go to Settings > Campaign Options > Record Calls.

To listen back to recorded calls, the user must first belong to a user group with the Calls-Listen permission. Going to Calls > Calls and clicking on the call will allow users to download or listen to the call in-app.

An example of call playback in Gecko.

Calls can also be listened to by going to the student contact record in question and navigating to the Calls tab.

An example of call recording playback on the student contact record.

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