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Read time: < 2 minutes | Send students to external web pages based on their form submission.

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Gecko can be configured to redirect students to a specific webpage based on how they answered your form. This can be set on a form-by-form basis using redirect rules.

To start, click on your forms and go to Settings > Redirect Rules. Ensure Auto Redirect is toggled on.

  • Default Success URL - Which URL should Gecko send the student to if no redirect rules are met? If this field is blank and no redirect rules are met, Gecko will display the form Settings > Display > Success Message instead.

  • Redirect Rules - Click Add Rule and select which Form Field you want to analyze. Select which Value(s) should be checked and then add a Website Address to send the student to if the rule is met.

πŸ’‘ The following form fields can be used to govern redirect rules: Dropdown - Single Choice, Text - Single Line, Radio - Single Choice, Hidden, Preferred Language

There's no limit on the number of redirect rules you can set. Gecko will read redirect rules from top to bottom; if a student meets multiple rules, the rule which appears highest takes priority.

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