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Getting started with calls
Getting started with calls

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πŸ’‘ What is this? A lightning-quick guide to learning Gecko's calling capabilities.

πŸ”Ž Who is it for? Users or call agents who want to start making calls in Gecko but aren't interested/don't need to learn how the entire system works.

⏰ Got anything else? If you're a system administrator or want to learn everything there is to know about Gecko, then check out our complete Cloud Call Center training guide!

Want to learn how to start making calls in Gecko in a matter of minutes? You're in the right place!

In this quick start guide, Michelle walks you through setting up a call campaign so you can quickly contact offer holders to see if they would like to accept or decline their place. Once the call has been ended, depending on the outcome, an automated email follow-up will be sent.

Step 1: Setting up outcomes & scripts

  • Log into Gecko and head to Settings > Outcomes

  • Click + New Outcome and create the various outcomes relevant to your campaign

  • Next, head to Call Scripts and click + New Script in the top-right corner

πŸ’‘ Need extra help? Here's some more info on Outcomes and Scripts!

Step 2: Creating your first campaign

  • Navigate to Call Campaigns and click + New Campaign

  • Give your campaign a title

  • Select your start and end date

  • (Optional) Select your call-back timeout period - this is the amount of time Gecko will wait before adding a student back into the call campaign after being called

  • Add your call script

  • Select your verified caller ID and agents

  • Select if you'd like the calls to be recorded

  • Pick which contact fields you'd like to be visible on the campaign overview page

  • Pick your outcomes

  • Hit the blue Save Changes button

πŸ’‘ Need help getting your VoIP phone numbers set up? Learn more here!

Step 3: Adding contacts

  • Navigate to the Select Contacts tab in the campaign

  • Select your relevant conditions

  • Hit Refresh to view all contacts that meet the specified condition

  • Once you've reviewed your contacts, select Save Changes

πŸ’‘ Need help finding the right students? Learn how searching works in Gecko!

Step 4: Segments & workflows

  • Navigate to the Segments tab in the campaign and click + New Segment

  • Set your conditions by clicking + Add Condition

  • Click Segment Users

  • Select Save Changes

  • Navigate to the Workflows tabs in the campaign

  • Add your workflow condition(s)

  • Add an action to your workflow

πŸ’‘ Learn more about workflows and setting up emails in Gecko!

Step 5: Making your first call

  • Navigate to the Overview tab of your campaign

  • Click the first contact in your list

  • Click the Start Call button

  • Review your information and click Start Call button to connect with the student

  • Use the navigation toggle to switch between call controls and your script

  • Once the call is complete, click the End Call button

  • Add the Outcome of the call and any relevant notes

  • Mark the call as Complete

  • Use the Next Call button to continue your campaign until it's complete

  • Happy calling! ☎️ πŸŽ‰ 🍾

Any questions? Start a live chat with a support team member, or feel free to explore the rest of our academy. Spotted an error or want to suggest a future article for the academy? Let us know here.

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