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You can link your Gecko Chat and Engage accounts together. This connection lets you use your Chat SMS channels to send text messages in Engage (allowing for two-way texting to your agents, teams, or chatbots can respond to!).

Integrating Engage with Chat

πŸ’‘ Only one Engage account can be linked to your Chat account.

To integrate your Engage and Chat accounts, begin by logging into Chat. Navigate to Settings > Integrations and find the Engage card and click Setup.

Select the Engage account with which you'd like to link your Chat account and wait a few seconds. Once the integration is created, click + Add New in the top-right corner and map fields between the two platforms.

Pushing data from Engage to Chat

There are two ways to push data from your Engage account into Chat automatically: sending a text message using a Chat SMS channel or using a Form Start conversation in GeckoChat workflow.

  • Sending an SMS using a Chat SMS channel - There are a number of ways to send text messages to students in Engage. Be sure to use your Chat SMS channel when sending your message, and Engage will push the contact into Chat and create a new conversation, visible in the Conversations > Sent folder in Chat.

  • Using a form Start conversation in GeckoChat workflow - One helpful form workflow action is the ability to start a conversation in GeckoChat and assign it to any agent(s) or team(s). Engage will push the contact and form response into Chat, creating a new conversation in the process.

Pushing data from Chat to Engage

Whilst there's currently no out-of-the-box way to automatically push data from Chat to Engage, it's super easy to manually achieve this (or to automate it yourself!).

To get started:

  • Log into Chat, go to Settings > Exports, and run an export.

  • Log into Engage, go to Settings > Import data, and run an import.

This process can be fully automated if you have access to an SFTP server. Learn how this automated process would be configured from a Chat and Engage perspective.

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