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Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a super way to ensure your Gecko account remains protected even if your username or password becomes compromised. For this reason, we recommend enabling it as soon as you have access to the system.

🚨 Lost your MFA-enabled device? Be sure to contact the Gecko support team.

To enable MFA, log into Gecko. Click your name in the top-right corner and select Security Preferences.

The account security page you're taken to is an excellent tool for managing personal details and reviewing previous sign-on sessions. Scroll down until you see the Two Factor Authentication field and click Manage.

You'll need some help from your mobile/cell phone to enable MFA. Enter your number and pick the correct country code flag as you go.

An example of 2FA setup on Gecko.

You'll be asked to open your Authenticator app and scan your personal QR code. We recommend using Google's Authenticator app (Available on Android and iOS), but please, use whichever auth app you feel comfortable using.

Google Authenticator users; once you've downloaded the app, tap the + symbol in the bottom-right corner and choose to Scan a barcode. Now point it at your QR code!

All that remains is to choose which authentication method you'd like to use:

  • Authenticator App - when selected, you will be asked to enter the MFA (multi-factor authentication) code your app generates when logging in to Gecko.

  • SMS - when selected, you will be asked to enter the MFA code that Gecko sends to your mobile/cell when logging in to Gecko.

Once you've decided on a method that works for you, toggle either the Authenticator App or SMS method on and select the option from the Preferred Method dropdown. Finally, be sure to click Update to save your changes.

Please note that MFA can be disabled/re-enabled at any point in the future by returning to the Security Preferences center and de-selecting your authentication method.

Any questions? Start a live chat with our support team, or feel free to explore the rest of our Academy. Spotted an error or want to suggest a future article for the Academy? Let us know here.

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