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After a call has been completed in Gecko, your call agents must provide a call outcome. Outcomes tell Gecko about what happened on the call and allow you to automate what happens next.

Outcomes can be created/edited/deleted by going to Settings > Outcomes. Click + New Outcome in the top-right corner to create new outcomes.

When creating an outcome, you'll need to provide the following information:

  • Name - What should your outcome be called? We recommend making this as descriptive as possible.

  • Call Type - Should this be an outcome your agents can apply to inbound, outbound or all calls?

  • Action - You have four main action types to choose from:

    • Complete - If used in a call campaign, it'll mark the student as Succeeded. To be used if the intent of the campaign has been met.

    • Mark for call (Inbound / Outbound) - If used in a call campaign, the student will be recycled into the Available to call category per your campaign's Call Back Timeout Period.

    • Reschedule - If used in a call campaign, it'll prompt your call agent to pick a date/time to try calling the student again. The student will be unavailable to call until this date/time is reached, whereafter, they'll take priority over other students in the call queue.

    • Complete & Remove Consents - If used in a call campaign, the student will be removed from the call campaign and rescind all consent and calling permissions for the contact.

  • Require notes - If enabled, your call agents will be forced to provide written notes when this outcome is selected.

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