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Scripts are a great way to help your agents have consistently effective conversations with students. Like forms, scripts can be configured to capture data, run complex workflows, and be set up to integrate with your CRM.

New to forms/scripts in Gecko? You might benefit from our lightning-fast getting started with forms guide:

To start writing your script, navigate to Call Scripts and click + New Script in the top-right corner. Once built, your call script can be used within any call campaign by clicking into a campaign and heading to Settings > Campaign Options > Scripts.

In the video above, we showcase how scripts can be configured using Form Field > Text blocks which dynamically pull information from the student record into the script, giving the call agent a brilliantly bespoke and personalized word track to follow. Text blocks allow you to use any contact template tags within your scripts to super effect.

Script workflows can be configured for various actions, such as sending emails or texts to the student or triaging inquiries to the correct external teams.

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