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Gecko lets you seamlessly track the number of guests your attendees will bring to your event.

Start allowing and tracking guests by clicking into your event, heading to Edit > Attendee Options, and toggling Allow Guests to on. It's important to note that Gecko will always count guests towards any maximum number of attendees for the event or any sessions.

Attendees can indicate how many guests they plan to bring when using the event field on a form, when booking the event from a share page, or when viewing an RSVP page.

As an administrator, the total number of guests each student intends on bringing can be viewed from your event Overview page. You can toggle between student-only numbers and combined student/guest numbers using the Include/Exclude guests button in the top-right corner.

Guest numbers can be managed by clicking Actions > Edit Booking or directly from the student's RSVP page.

Users of the Visit app can freely change guest counts from within the app by tapping into an attendee and using the Edit Guest Count functionality.

A screenshot of the Visit app showing the option to edit the guest count.

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