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RSVP pages allow students to manage every aspect of their event booking.

RSVP pages can be emailed or texted to students via event workflows using the following template tag:


Using RSVP pages, students can:

βœ… View session, host, location and event details

βœ… Students can join any live virtual/online sessions

βœ… Book new sessions

βœ… Edit/Cancel their attendance in a session or the overall event

βœ… View/share their QR code ticket (for scanning with the Visit app!)

βœ… Edit the number of guests they plan on bringing to your event

βœ… Add the event to their calendar or Apple Wallet (iCal)

βœ… View the itinerary of any other events they're registered to

βœ… See any previous events or sessions they registered for

The layout of the RSVP page and functionality will differ slightly depending on the type of event you're running, whether it's on-campus or virtual and whether the event has finished or not.

As an administrator, you can easily view any student's RSVP page. If a student has accidentally deleted or lost their RSVP ticket, you can follow the steps below to find their ticket and send them the direct URL. This can be done either by:

  • Heading to your event and on the Overview screen, find your student and click Actions > View RSVP page.

  • Go to Contacts and click on your student. Go to the Events tab, find the event you want to see the RSVP page for and click Actions > View RSVP page.

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