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Product Updates
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April 2024

Visit: Internal Event Name

You can now set an internal event name, this allows for internal naming conventions to be used on the Gecko admin side but a student friendly name to appear on your forms, RSVP ticket etc.

Call: Configurable Call Recording Retention Period

We have introduced a configurable retention period for call recordings. This can be updated in Settings > Account Settings > Communication Defaults to adhere to your specific data retention requirements.

Promote: Time until event liquid tag

You can now use {{event.minutes_until_start}} in your email templates, this means you can consolidate your series of event reminders into one!

Visit: Display event end date on event field

We will now display the end date of the event, on the event field. This change makes it clearer to the form user that there are sessions that span more than one date.

Chat: Pin Saved Replies

Since launching Team Saved Replies, we have started to receive requests for the ability to assign replies to Agents. We felt this was a bit of an administration headache so we've introduced Pinned Replies to solve this problem. Now, you can hover over any saved reply in your list, click the 📌 icon and it'll live at the top of your list for easy access.

Visit: Import event category

You can now import an event category, or categories as part of a CSV event import. Allowing you to bulk import event data and automatically categorise in gecko.

March 2024

Chat: AI Insights Expanded

There are a few new things we've added to the AI Insights feature:

  • Conversation Analysis panel on the conversation view will show you:

    • Sentiment scoring. Showing how positive, negative or neutral the conversation was

    • Conversation summary. A brief paragraph outlining the nature of the conversation

    • Only visible one a conversation has closed

  • AI Tagging for your own tags

    • A new checkbox on the tags table. When checked, this means that the AI service will have permission to apply this tag to relevant conversations when they are closed.

Chat: Additional Recurring Export Filters

You can now filter your recurring export by Tag and Channel. This should significantly increase flexibility for reporting and integrations. More filters to come soon!

Chat: AI Insights

We have released a new feature that automatically tags your conversations from a pre-defined list of curated tags when they are closed. Our AI service will apply tags that are relevant based on the content of the conversation. These tags are separate to your own manually created tags. If you want to see these insights, head to the Settings tab and enable the new AI Insights feature.

Chat: Edit Recurring Conversation Exports

You can now edit a recurring export, whereas previously you would have had to delete and recreate them to make changes. You can't yet edit the SFTP location or the recipients, but that is coming very soon.

Chat: Filter ratings by Agents/Teams

On the stats pages you can now filter ratings by Agents and Teams. This rating is captured when a conversation is closed, and will be applied to the last Agent, Team or Bot that was assigned at the point of closing.

Engage: Salesforce integration: Read-only fields

You can now map to read-only fields in Salesforce, enabling the import of data into Gecko without any changes going back to Salesforce.

There is a new column in your integrations table titled 'Writeable' this indicates whether a field can be updated in Salesforce. If yes, Gecko can update the value in Salesforce. If no, this field is read-only and the value in Salesforce cannot be updated.

Chat: Saved Replies in alphabetical order

It was noticed that saved replies in the conversation reply box, as well as the saved replies list, were in a seemingly random order making it harder to find what you're looking for. They're now in a sensible, alphabetical order.

Chat: Agent Alias

Chat Agents can now head to their profile settings and add an Alias. This will show on the widget via Live Chat instead of their true details, which avoids them being identified and potentially harassed.

Chat: New Default Bot Breakpoints

We have a new set of default bot breakpoints, which differ depending on if your bot is IBM Watson, Hybrid or ChatGPT. These are also not able to be edited by anyone other than Gecko support users. This is another effort to reduce training opportunity backlogs by limiting the likelihood of creating them in the first place.

Chat: More Filters on One-Off Conversation Exports

You can now filter by Date, Channel and Tags on a One-Off Conversation Export. As part of our ongoing efforts to make exports much more flexible, these new fields have been added. We'll be looking to add these to Recurring Exports very soon.

Chat: Message Sent Analysis Chart

This is now available on all accounts, not just those with the ChatGPT Bot. We feel even without ChatGPT enabled, this is a very useful chart to see the Agent/IBM split of sent messages.

Chat: No more Character Count / Short Message advice on ChatGPT conversations

When chatting with IBM Watson powered bots, it makes sense to advise students to keep their messages short and snappy to retrieve the best answer. That's not the case with ChatGPT bots, so in this circumstance this message will no longer show.

Chat: Training Opportunity Totals now update without a refresh

A bug was found which meant that if you were resolving/dismissing Training Opportunities, your total wasn't being reflected until you refreshed the page. That's fixed now.

Chat: Feedback on ChatGPT messages

Students can now leave a thumbs up or down on ChatGPT messages, just like they can with IBM Watson messages. We're not displaying this data on the frontend just yet, but this will allow us to internally track the usefulness of ChatGPT messages and eventually display this in a helpful chart when the time is right.

February 2024

Chat: Required for Sync, Exports Edition

There is a new checkbox on Recurring Exports that, when checked, will limit the results in the export to only those that meet the conditions of the required fields. This brings integrations such as Slate (which uses recurring exports as it's underlying technology) in line with other integrations, and should make the data that is delivered much more valuable for our users.

Visit: Restrict booking of clashing sessions

During a recent on-campus visit, a client shared an observation regarding students' booking behavior for sessions. They noted that students sometimes book multiple sessions that overlap, only deciding on the day which ones to attend. This leads to empty spaces at events that could have been used by other students. In response, we have implemented a toggle feature that disables the buttons on the RSVP page and event field, preventing the booking of conflicting sessions.

Promote: Easy 1-Click Unsubscribe for Email

Yahoo and Gmail introduced changes this month, that are intended to improve email security, reduce spam, and enhance the overall user experience. This required us to ensure our accounts met key requirements to prevent emails going to Spam by ensuring email addresses are authenticated and valid, that bulk senders maintain low spam rates, and people can easily 'one-click unsubscribe'. While we were mostly in alignment with the key requirements, we needed to improve our approach to One-Click Unsubscribe. We have now released an easy, single-click unsubscribe link that is included in emails to allow recipients to opt out effortlessly.

Visit: ICS attachment on event emails

We’ve introduced a new toggle that attaches an ICS calendar file to event emails, making it much easier for end users to add the event to their calendar! You’ll find the new toggle when setting up an email workflow within events, or sending an ad hoc email en masse to attendees.

Chat: Duplicate Tags

It was discovered that you were able to create the exact same tag multiple times in chat. We've cleaned this up in anticipation of the new AI auto-tagging work that is coming soon. So you can no longer create duplicate tags, and any duplicates that did exist on customer accounts have been carefully consolidated.

Chat: Training Opportunities now Expire

To address the large amount of training opportunities that have built up for a lot of our customers, we have added new functionality that will automatically dismiss them after a period of time. The default expiry times are:

  • Low confidence - immediate expiry (won't even show on the list)

  • No Match - 7 days expiry

  • User complaint - 30 days expiry

There are new advanced settings on the bot which gives customers the power to adjust these expiry times if they so wish. At the point of launch, all training opportunities older than the above have been cleared out of all accounts.

Visit: Easier Self Check-in

In response to feedback from one of our on-campus visits, we've evaluated the design of our RSVP page layout. While the prominent QR code is beneficial for ticket scanning, it inadvertently overshadowed the self-check-in button, making it less noticeable. We've removed the oversized QR code, opting instead to hide it under a button when self-check-in is enabled. This adjustment aims to streamline the check-in process, making it clearer and more intuitive for attendees.

Chat: Markdown support is here

The widget will now recognise and correctly render Markdown syntax. ChatGPT responses in particular were being impacted by this lack of support. This means that where you previously might have seen something like:
** List of Options **
- Item 1
- Item 2
- Item 3

You'll now see:

List of Options

  • Item 1

  • Item 2

  • Item 3

It will also clean up things like hyperlinks and formatting that previously may have looked a little funky.

January 2024

Chat: New Charts on Stats

Two new chart have been added which should help customers to further understand their chat usage.

  • Message Sent Analysis

    • A new pie chart which shows the distribution of messages sent from Agents, IBM Watson, or ChatGPT.

  • ChatGPT Conversation Rate

    • A line chart that shows a comparison of total conversations vs conversations that ChatGPT has been involved in.

Chat: New Source field

If you click the message info icon, you'll see a new "source" field which will let you know if that message came from ChatGPT or IBM Watson

Chat: Streaming of ChatGPT messages

Where you previously would have seen a "..." indicator when ChatGPT was generating it's response to students, you now see the message being streamed in real-time, making the process feel much faster.

Chat: Triggering ChatGPT via Skills

There's a new option in the Display List and Suggest and Answer skill type, that allows users to enter a prompt that calls ChatGPT for an answer. Here's an example of how this might be useful:

Student: “Hi, I want to apply for financial aid”
IBM Bot: “Sure. Here is a skill that can see you want to apply for Financial Aid. I can help with that. Which option do you pick from this display list?

  1. Undergraduate [Prompt ChatGPT: “I’m an Undergraduate. What financial aid options are there for me?“]

  2. Postgraduate [Prompt ChatGPT: “I’m an Postgraduate student. What financial aid options are there for me?“]

  3. Research [Prompt ChatGPT: “I’m an Research student. What financial aid options are there for me?“]

Student: “Undergraduate”
IBM Bot -> Sends prompt to ChatGPT -> GPT replies to the student

In the above example you can see how this new feature will allow users to get really specific with the prompts to ChatGPT, which should result in much more relevant responses to the students.

Visit: Video page branding

We’ve made a change that means the account level branding colour will be used on the header of the video page. This will allow customers to use their white logos without them disappearing into the white header background.

Visit: Virtual Event links in ICS file

Now when an end user adds a Gecko hosted virtual event to their calendar they can directly access the event instead of having to find the link on the RSVP page! This change will bring us in line with expected behaviour for virtual events, and make it clearer for students to find their virtual event link

Chat: Filter conversations by ChatGPT or IBM Watson

You can now create a Custom Filter in the conversation view in Chat, and filter by conversations containing either ChatGPT or IBM Watson. This allows users keep track of and review these messages as they wish. They can even save the filter, and have it pinned, so they get a notification every time there's a new ChatGPT message sent out.

Chat: Filters for One-Off Conversation Exports

You can now choose between open or closed conversations when running a one-off conversation export in Chat. This should help our users who have large data sets and don't want the hassle of creating and deleting recurring exports that they don't need.

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